Published on Wed., October 7, 2020

Lynchburg City Schools, in partnership with our Special Education Advisory Committee, will recognize Disability History and Awareness Month this October. 

In 2009, youth with disabilities initiated a campaign to have the Virginia General Assembly pass a resolution designating October as Disability History and Awareness Month. They developed a vision statement that says: Disability history education and awareness will promote positive attitudes in schools creating a culture of mutual respect, understanding, and equal opportunities for all. Youth with disabilities, their parents, teachers, and staff members from the Virginia Department of Education (VDOE), the Virginia Board for People with Disabilities, the Virginia Commonwealth University Partnership for People with Disabilities, and the VDOE’s Training and Technical Assistance Centers (TTAC) continue to meet and develop a variety of resources that can be used to promote and highlight Disability History and Awareness Month in Virginia. These resources can be found at the following websites:

The Virginia Department of Education is encouraging school divisions and communities to celebrate the contributions and achievements of people with disabilities this month by participating in online events and activities. 

“The message of Disability History Awareness Month is especially important this year as school divisions and VDOE work in partnership to ensure equitable opportunities and outcomes for all students in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic,” Superintendent of Public Instruction James Lane said. 

The Inclusion Project — sponsored by VDOE and Virginia Commonwealth University’s Partnership for People with Disabilities — is hosting the following online events this month with two nationally recognized advocates for people with disabilities. 

Registration for both events is free and open to the public. 

Additional information about individual disability categories, their definitions in state special education regulations and eligibility criteria can be found at: VDOE Evaluation & Eligibility for Special Education & Related Services.

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