Published on Thu., December 17, 2020

Dear LCS families,

In early November, LCS parents/guardians were asked to consider if they want to change their child’s learning model option from remote-only to hybrid learning for the second semester. We want to make sure families understand the Return to Learn process for the second semester, which will begin on January 19, 2021. Below is information about the timeline for school-family communication regarding a requested change and bus routes, as well as general details regarding school day procedures, school hours, and safety plans for hybrid learning. 

If I requested a change from remote-only to hybrid (in-person) learning for the second semester, is my child guaranteed a spot?

Unfortunately, no. Each school is working to accommodate requested changes, but cannot guarantee a placement. The number of students returning to hybrid learning for the second semester will vary from school to school based on cohort size, classroom space (social distancing requirements), and transportation needs at the individual school level. 

When will I know if my child will be participating in hybrid learning for the second semester?

By Tuesday, January 12, 2021*, individual schools will communicate with families that requested a change from remote-only to hybrid learning in November, letting you know whether or not your request(s) has been accommodated. They will let families know which cohort their child is in and bus route details if applicable. 

Can I request a specific cohort for my child? 

No. We will do our best to place siblings in the same cohort but cannot guarantee a specific cohort. Siblings may be placed in different cohorts depending on the availability of seats on the  bus serving the area.

Will my child’s schedule and teacher remain the same if they return to hybrid learning in the second semester?

A change in your child’s learning model may impact their schedule, including teacher changes.

Will students and staff be required to wear a face covering?

Yes, at this time, students and staff are required to wear a  face mask or covering while in an LCS school building, in another LCS facility, on school-provided transportation, property and/or LCS sponsored event(s). 

What will lunch be like during the school day? 

Schools have worked closely with School Nutrition to develop a plan for eating breakfast and lunch that is safe and efficient for students, which can vary from school to school. Models utilized will be food delivery to classrooms or eating in the cafeteria following social distancing recommendations.

What are the LCS School Day hours for students? 

The hours have been updated from the original Return to Learn draft as we have worked with transportation. These are now the hours for the start and end times for school. 

  • Elementary Schools - 9:35-3:35
  • Middle Schools - 8:35-2:35
  • High Schools - 7:35-1:35
Must my child remain in hybrid learning for the remainder of the school year?

No. Should families want to change from hybrid to remote-only learning at any time, please contact your child’s school. Please note that a change to remote learning will be for the remainder of the school year. 

What else do I need to know about how to prepare my child for hybrid instruction? 

We ask that all parents/guardians please take time to review the Health Mitigation Plan. This plan provides information about the many health, safety, and reporting measures we are taking to maintain a safe environment for staff and students.

This information is general across the school division, but there will still be school-specific procedures that best fit the needs of each site. Please contact your child’s school if you have additional questions. 

* UPDATE (1/5/21): communication date was revised from Monday, January 11th to Tuesday, January 12th

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