Published on Thu., September 7, 2023

Students in caps and gown walking into graduation ceremony

Lynchburg City Schools (LCS) students have opportunities to take university-level Advanced Placement (AP) courses that help prepare them for college and career success. The results from the 2023 AP Exams are in, and several LCS students’ high scores qualified them for prestigious honors.

AP Capstone Diploma

Six E. C. Glass High School students were awarded the AP Capstone Diploma by earning scores of 3 or higher (out of 5) on the AP Seminar and AP Research exams and four additional AP Exams of their choice. The AP Capstone Diploma program helps students develop the critical thinking, research, collaboration, and presentation skills crucial for academic success.

William Brestel
Zachary Carpenter
Brooklyn Dop
Victoria Johnson
Ivy Logan
Theodore Tharp

AP Seminar and Research Certificate

Two E. C. Glass students were awarded the AP Seminar and Research Certificate by earning scores of 3 or higher in AP Seminar and AP Research. 

Integral components of the AP Capstone Diploma program, AP Seminar and AP Research are project-based courses. In lieu of a single end-of-year assessment, they evaluate skills mastery throughout the year with essays, group projects, and presentations. Students are encouraged to create research projects based on topics of personal interest.

Mary Kennedy
Gorham Wood

AP Scholar Awards

Eighty-seven current and former E. C. Glass (ECG) and Heritage High School (HHS) students received AP Scholar Awards for their outstanding performance on multiple AP Exams.

Twenty LCS students qualified for the AP Scholar with Distinction Award by receiving an average score of at least 3.5 on all AP Exams taken, and scores of 3 or higher on five or more of all these exams.

Aditya Annapareddy (ECG)
Andrew Barnett (ECG)
Kathryn Bentov-Lagman (ECG)
Miriam Cate (ECG)
Riley Comerford (HHS)
John Cook (ECG)
Brooklyn Dop (ECG)
Madelyn Durie (ECG)
Micah Eberz (ECG)
Devan Funke (ECG)
Asia Hubbard (ECG)
Sean Kim (HHS)
Axel Laurence (ECG)
Ivy Elizabeth Mann (ECG)
Westley Mendoza (ECG)
Timothy Patterson (HHS)
Sarah Plucker (ECG)
Chloe Ro (HHS)
George White (ECG)
Venkate Yadala (HHS)

Fifteen students qualified for the AP Scholar with Honor Awards by earning an average score of at least 3.25 on all AP Exams taken, and scores of 3 or higher on four or more of these exams.

William Brestel (ECG)
Logan Brown (ECG)
Avery Gagen (ECG)
Aran Jothi (HHS)
Faith Jacob (HHS)
Josephine Kicklighter (ECG)
Micajah Mason (HHS)
Caleb Maxham (ECG)
Cooper Morford (ECG)
Riley Morford (ECG)
Layton Morris (ECG)
Edward Newton (ECG)
Tristan Rodi (ECG)
Kai Styrsky (ECG)
Lillian Wood (ECG)

Fifty-two students qualified for the AP Scholar Award by receiving scores of 3 or higher on three or more AP Exams.

Tess Ahrens (ECG)
Tor Anderson (ECG)
William Baez (ECG)
John Bare (ECG)
Flannery Benda (ECG)
Makenna Boling (ECG)
Zachary Carpenter (ECG)
Devon Davis (ECG)
Haley Garrett (ECG)
William Gilbert (ECG)
Ainslie Green (ECG)
Calvin Guo (HHS)
Zachary Hardin (ECG
Joseph Harper (ECG)
Michaela Harvey (ECG)
Matthew Haske (ECG)
Laura Honeycutt (ECG)
Eliza Horton (ECG)
William Hunt (ECG)
Victoria Johnson (ECG)
Elijah Johnston (HHS)
Mary Kennedy (ECG)
Shelby Kent (ECG)
Luke King (ECG)
Isabel Kirkwood (HHS)
John Lloyd (ECG)
Elizabeth Lobb (ECG)
Ivy Logan (ECG)
Eva Lopez Valentine (ECG)
Nisha Mangrati (HHS)
Luke Matthews (ECG)
Ethan Monroe (ECG)
Malanie Myaing (ECG)
Timilehin Oluwaji (ECG)
Sarah Ramsey (ECG)
Camden Roberts (HHS)
Colby Schietinger (ECG)
Nicholas Seilhan (ECG)
Jawed Sherzad (HHS)
Cyan Smith (ECG)
Elijah Smith (ECG)
Robert Sorensen (ECG)
Amelie St Clair (ECG)
Kayla Stanley (ECG)
Emily Staton (ECG)
Theodore Tharp (ECG)
Anne Page Webb (ECG)
Richard Webb (ECG)
Emily Wesley (ECG)
Emily Williams (ECG)
Gorham Wood (ECG)
Georgianna Wynnyk (ECG)

The College Board’s AP Program allows students to take challenging university-level courses while still in high school. A 3 or higher on an AP Exam can earn students college credit, advanced placement, or both, saving them time and money. Research shows AP students are more likely to enroll and remain in college, do well in classes, and earn their degrees on time. 

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