Published on Fri., March 22, 2024

Did you know only 45% of eligible Virginia households are enrolled in the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance (SNAP) program? SNAP provides food benefits to low-income families to supplement their grocery budget so they can afford nutritious food.

  • SNAP benefits are calculated based on household size, income, expenses, and other nonfinancial criteria.
  • You may be eligible even if you are working.
  • SNAP does not make you a public charge and will not be considered in a public charge determination.

Lynchburg City Schools is participating in the SNAP in Schools initiative to help reduce food insecurity in families with school-aged children. 

Find out if you’re eligible

Click here to check if you qualify for SNAP benefits, apply online, and, if you are a current customer, manage your account.

From the CommonHelp homepage:

  1. Click “Get Started”
  2. Click “Check eligibility”
  3. Answer short questions to check your eligibility.
It’s easy to apply:
  • Online:
  • Call: 833-522-5582
  • Visit: Your local department of social services
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