Published on Wed., April 10, 2024

Lynchburg City Schools is going through an AP Comparative Government textbook selection at the high school level that will support the College Board AP Comparative Government requirements. In addition to teachers, parents and community members can also review the titles.

These materials are in the School Administration Building and ready for your review. Please contact Lynchburg City Schools at (434)515-5015 to arrange for a time if you wish to review these titles.

  • Waples, Karen, Stephen Orvis, and Carol Ann Drogus. Comparative Government: Stories of the World for the AP Course. 1st edition. Bedford, Freeman & Worth, 2023
  • O’Neil, Patrick H., Karl Fields, and Don Share. Essentials of Comparative Politics with Cases AP edition. 7th edition. Norton, 2021.
  • Orvis, Stephen, and Carol Ann Drogus. Introducing Comparative Politics: Concepts and Cases in Context.  5th edition.  Sage, CQ Press, 2021. 
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