Published on Fri., May 17, 2024
Two students holding certificates in front of science fair presentation

Sandusky and Linkhorne middle school students competed in the Central Virginia Regional Science Fair against students from Bedford, Amherst, and Campbell county public schools on Wednesday, May 15. The following students won awards.

Sandusky Middle School

Ruby Lozada, eighth grade: Different Soils for Plants
Kennedy Thomas, seventh grade: You Got Served
Ian Cheatham and Aiden Bonney, eighth grade: Bigger Isn't Always Better

Linkhorne Middle School

Abigail Knapp, eighth grade: Lettuce Storage
Maegan Ramsey, eighth grade: Apple Preservation
Liam Rifaat, seventh grade: Salinity vs. Buoyancy
Reed Marks and Sora Kuk, eighth grade: What Heat Protectant Works Best
Mary McClosky and Arden Kuk, seventh grade: Makeup Remover vs. Makeup Wipes
Avery Wiebe and Caroline Shoemaker, eighth grade: Stain Be Gone

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