What is Title I?

Title I is funded by the federal government. Funds are given to school districts to support Title I programs, as well as other schoolwide initiatives.

Our Title I mission is to increase student achievement for children, with a specific focus in the areas of reading and math. The program is implemented in a manner that will help to close the achievement gap.

The Title I Team

  • Uses research based instruction to assist students with understanding and applying strategies to enable them to experience academic success.
  • Having a schoolwide program enables all students to benefit through the purchase of instructional materials and access to additional academic support as needed.
  • PME staff provides family engagement activities and events to help families provide academic and social/emotional support to their students at home.
  • Elevates  the quality of instruction by providing teachers and staff with substantial opportunities for professional development and reading support.

Small groups are formed based on individual needs to provide support to students as needed in reading and math. Teachers, Reading Specialists, and other support staff work together to review classroom observations, PALS data, DIBELS, as well as formative & summative assessments to create each group and determine the instructional focus. Data is discussed and reviewed monthly and groups are modified as needed to meet the needs of our students.