What is Title I?
Title I is funded by the federal government. Funds are given to school districts to support Title I programs, as well as other schoolwide initiatives. The amount of funds given to each community depends on the number of low-income families.

Our Title I mission is to increase student achievement for children, especially in the areas of reading and math. The program is implemented in a way that will help to close the achievement gap.

The Title I Team

  • uses resources to assist students with the greatest needs and students who will benefit the most from our specialized programs.  Because we have a schoolwide program, funding is used for the benefit of all students through the purchase of materials for reading and math, through parental involvement offerings, and with special projects as needed.
  • ensures that children have access to effective, scientifically based instructional strategies and challenging academic content.
  • elevates  the quality of instruction by providing teachers and staff with substantial opportunities for professional development and reading support.
  • afford parents substantial and meaningful opportunities to learn ways to help their children at school and at home through parental involvement workshops.

Supplementary reading services are provided to students in grades K through 5 who demonstrate a need based on test results from PALS (Phonemic and Literacy Screening), the Virginia English SOL, the division-wide English assessments, and the STAR reading test.  Students in grades 1-5 receive 45 minutes of small group supplementary services daily, and students in kindergarten receive 30 minutes daily.  Services are provided by the reading specialist or instructional assistants working under the supervision of the reading specialist.

Services in the area of math are provided in-class with additional staff support as well as through tutorial and small group opportunities.  Small group services are provided two days per week for thirty minutes to grade five students as identified based on the Virginia Math SOL.  Students in grades 1-4 who need tutorial services for math are tutored by an instructional assistant as assigned by the classroom teacher.