Sheffield Elementary School serves students Kindergarten through 5th grade according to the Virginia Standards of Learning. Sheffield Elementary School, in partnership with parents and community, is committed to helping children develop their full potential by providing learning opportunities which recognize individual needs. We strive to develop critical thinkers and lifelong learners. Sheffield’s tradition of staff, parental, and community involvement is evidence of the school’s commitment to the development of the total child.

Sheffield’s exceptional blend of academics, enrichment activities, innovative technology, programs, and community support promotes a life-long learning and sensitivity to our population.

Language Arts

Reading, writing, and appreciation of good literature are encouraged and practiced on all levels throughout the academic program. All students are invited to participate in a number of programs and activities each year to promote success in reading. Our reading program utilizes Benchmark leveled reading materials, as well as many other resources. This allows our teachers the ability to supply reading material at each child’s appropriate reading level. It is very important for students and parents to read together for twenty to thirty minutes every night. Practice and correct modeling are great ways to encourage a love of reading.

Our students are also benefitting from Fundations and Just Words. They aim to make learning to read fun while laying the groundwork for lifelong literacy. Students also work on their overall skillset with reading through IXL.


The mathematics program at Sheffield focuses on concept development, problem solving and computation skills. Students use manipulatives in cooperative games and activities in order to better visualize new concepts. Emphasis on factual recall is very important as well. Students also sharpen their math skills through IXL Math.


Key elements of Sheffield’s science program include experimentation and concept discovery. Learning kits supplied to K-5 classrooms as well as monetary support to purchase materials are two ways Lynchburg City Schools helps us to provide hands-on science experiences for all students while working to meet our SOL goals. 

Social Studies

The social studies program at Sheffield is designed to provide students with experiences to bring the history and geography from the museums into the classroom. Our program includes lessons and activities that build upon the many cultures that exist in the United States and reinforces the knowledge of our American heritage. Students learn about our government, about the geography of our state and country, and about the economy. 


Sheffield Elementary students are exposed to a variety of art media and techniques. Art lessons will often correlate with ALL subjects and help further students’ understanding of the State SOLs for Math, English, Science, and History. Materials used in class range from the two-dimensional, pencil, marker, and paint to the three-dimensional paper mache, textiles, clay and model magic. We travel though history and the cultures of many countries. Projects are planned to help students understand the travels of Native Americans, and the accomplishments of Ancient Egyptians, Greeks, and Romans. In a 50 minute class we may create our own interpretation of the solar system or illustrate the changing seasons, all the while students are learning the basic elements and principles needed to create on their own.


Music classes at the elementary level are generally exploratory in nature. The division’s music teachers utilize the Silver Burdett Ginn series “The Music Connection” and enhance with other material.

The emphasis is on basic musical concepts based on grade appropriate activities which include learning simple notation, playing rhythm instruments, singing songs from many genre, and activities and movement which help support these concepts.

The music teacher assists with grade level plays and productions which involve most of the children in those levels.

Movement Education

The students participate in M.E. for three 50 minute classes every two weeks. We focus on improving basic skills, sportsmanship, game knowledge, self-esteem, and teamwork. In addition, fourth and fifth graders participate in physical fitness testing twice a year. The purpose of these tests are to evaluate aerobic capacity, flexibility, upper body strength, and abdominal strength.

An integral part of our program is providing motivation to students, encouraging them to participate in all activities. We provide the basis for sound education regarding essential fitness concepts and the ability to become and stay fit for a lifetime.


Sheffield has a strong technology program where students have access to and use multimedia daily. Each classroom and resource area is equipped with an interactive, large screen TV. Students in our upper grades utilize Chromebooks and our primary students have access to iPads/tablets. Our students utilize a number of software programs to reinforce learning.

Programs for Students with Disabilities

Sheffield Elementary School provides special education services to students with disabilities. Placement in a special education program is the result of concerns and referrals by parents, teachers, our counselor, and principal followed by extensive diagnostic testing and evaluation. Students must meet specific requirements to qualify for services. Special education services, outlined in individual education plans, are presented through a variety of service models and are designed to meet the academic, social, emotional and physical needs of our students.

Title I

The Title 1 Program is a federally funded program whose purpose is to accelerate students who are working below grade level in reading and/or math. Title 1 teachers and/or teaching assistants work to improve student performance in the classroom and on state mandated assessments. The students may be instructed in a the classroom with their classmates or in a tutorial or small group setting. All resource personnel team teach in some capacity with classroom instructors to provide the most individualized instruction possible.


The library media center is an active part of each student’s day. The students have a scheduled library time once a week for check out and lessons. There is also a daily open checkout time to ensure access to many and varied book selections. The library is a place we all enjoy. Come visit us and join in the fun filled activities.

Sheffield Elementary Library Website

Character Education

Along with parents, the Sheffield Elementary teachers, staff and counselor try to help children succeed in life by encouraging character based principals such as good citizenship, respect, responsibility, caring, fairness and trustworthiness. Classroom counseling in grades K - 5 focus on one or more of these characteristics each year. Our classrooms also implement Second Step into homeroom each morning.