Perrymont Elementary's English Learner (EL) program uses the following instructional models as specified by the Virginia Department of Education (VDOE):

  • English Language Development (ELD): Class is EL-only, possibly by proficiency level(s). It may include sheltered instructional time.
  • Content Classes with Integrated EL support (CCI): Classes of ELs and non-ELs. It may be a co-taught, small-group, or an EL-only sheltered course.
  • *Tutoring and remote learning support: These models are not specified by the VDOE but are utilized in special circumstances such as when EL students enroll in the Virtual Academy or when parents refuse EL services. These services are tailored to an EL student’s situation and need in order to provide specialized EL instruction.

Potential EL students are identified during registration using the three federally and state-mandated questions below. These questions are administered to all students upon enrollment to ensure equity and consistency in the EL identification process.

  1. What is the primary language used in the home, regardless of the language spoken by the student?
  2. What is the language most often spoken by the student?
  3. What is the language that the student first acquired?

Students that have a response other than English (except for American Sign Language) for any of the above questions are screened for EL services.

Based on the Virginia Department of Education's criteria, students are then identified as English Learners (ELs) and placed in the EL program/Language Instruction Educational Program (LIEP) or found ineligible for services.

EL students generally exit the EL program in five years and are then monitored for four years to ensure that they are proficient in English. Monitored EL students may reenter the EL program if their lack of English proficiency can be shown to impact their academics.