The Lynchburg City Schools, with its Tradition of Excellence, recognizes the uniqueness and worth of all students and will teach each student the concepts, knowledge, and skills necessary to be a thinking, productive, and responsible citizen.

At Perrymont Elementary School, we serve students in grade levels pre-k to 5. 

Kindergarten classes include children from all ability levels. Small and large group instruction occurs within the classroom to meet the needs of all students. Direct pre-reading/reading instruction is provided for all kindergarten students. As appropriate, students receive their reading or math instruction within the class, the kindergarten unit, or in another grade.

First through fifth grades are grouped by ability for math and reading/language arts either within the classroom or within the unit to meet the needs of the students. Students are given the opportunity to work above grade level. In science, social studies, and in all other areas, instructional groups include students of all abilities.