Published on Wed., May 6, 2015

WritingLCS had 20 regional winners in the 2015 Young Author competition in April. These winners were honored by the Piedmont Area Reading Council with a reception at Liberty University.  

1st Grade
Caden Godsie - 3rd place Fiction

2nd Grade
Gabriella Mosley - 3rd place Fiction
Kate Martin - 1st place Poetry
Mazzy Ogden - 2nd place Poetry

3rd Grade
Graysen Pinder - 2nd place Fiction

4th Grade
Brooklyn Dop - 1st place Fiction
Kai Styrsky - 3rd place Fiction
Emily Williams - 2nd place Essay

5th Grade
Lily Doebler - 2nd place Fiction
Phoebe Baker - 3rd place Fiction
Jed Howard - 2nd place Poetry
Eujine Kim - 1st place Essay
Jeffrey Wooters - 2nd place Essay

7th Grade
Virginia Webb - 1st place Essay

8th Grade
Serenity Tucker - 1st place Fiction
Marina Pantner - 1st place Poetry
Meg Gladieux - 3rd place Poetry

9th Grade
Emma Eubank - 1st place Poetry

10th Grade
Nuha Reza - 1st place Fiction
Mary Katherine Guthrie - 1st place Essay


Click here for the 2015 LCS Young Authors District Winners



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