As of December, 2017, the Foundation has awarded $801,821 for Classroom Innovation Grants alone. These funds have been used to implement a wide range of creative and innovative teaching methods, programs, and projects designed to meet student needs and increase motivation to learn. The Foundation depends on community support to maintain a variety of exceptional educational experiences as well as provides an opportunity for parents, patrons, and alumni to demonstrate their continued support of, and investment in, the Lynchburg City Schools. The Board of Trustees works to advance the mission of the Lynchburg City Schools: “Every Child, By Name and By Need, to Graduation.”

Two Classroom Innovation Grant Opportunities Exist:

Classroom Innovation Grants:  Approximately 40 awarded per year, ranging in value from $500–$2,000, available for an innovative program or project.

Master Classroom Innovation Grants: Two available per year, ranging in value from $2,001–$5,000 for a large scale, innovative program or project.

Support of the Grant  Program provides additional opportunities for students in Lynchburg City Schools to achieve and maintain a tradition of excellence within the public school learning environment.

If you are interested in applying for a grant, please see the Grant Timeline. Deadlines vary, so please read all directions carefully.