The application process for students who live outside the Dunbar attendance zone occurs during the months of February and March of each year for enrollment for the following school year. Check the Lynchburg City Schools website for details. Only those students who currently live outside the attendance zone of the school for innovation need to apply.

How do students apply for acceptance to the schools for innovation?
The applications are posted at the beginning of February on the Lynchburg City Schools website and are distributed to all elementary and middle schools. Applications are due to be returned in mid-March. Applications are reviewed by the Schools for Innovation Review Team starting in mid-March. Students meeting the minimum criteria are placed in the applicant pool. In April, invitations are extended to the pool of applicants who meet the minimum criteria. Parents are required to accept the invitation and return their acceptance by the stated deadline. 

How are students selected for the schools for innovation?
The schools for innovation review team will collect the applications and determine if applicants meet the minimum criteria. 

Criteria for middle school level:

  • Good academic standing
  • Minimal disciplinary infractions
  • Adequate Standards of Learning progress
  • Stated interest in innovative programs

Students meeting the minimum criteria are placed in the pool of eligible applicants. Students who are eligible are then randomly slected to fill the number of designated slots. Eligible students will be placed on a waiting list if there are more students than number of slots.

For further information on the schools for innovation application and selection process, please contact the department of information technology by e-mail at or by phone at (434) 515-5017.