As one of the focal areas of innovative instruction, Dunbar offers a wide variety of experiences with world languages.  French, German and Spanish are offered in several different formats depending on grade level. Dunbar is the only middle school in Lynchburg City Schools to offer German courses.

6th Grade

6th grade exploratory course in Spanish is a nine week course. Students are introduced to basic vocabulary and culture. The main focus of this class is a variety of topics including basic greetings, numbers, days, months, seasons, the alphabet, body parts, food, family members, colors, etc. Students develop appreciation of Spanish language and this foundation aids them later on if they continue with their Spanish studies.

7th Grade

French is a semester course focusing on oral communication. The students also study the culture, geography, and history of French-speaking countries.

German is a semester-long course designed to introduce students to basic German vocabulary and culture. This class focuses on a variety of topics including greetings, numbers, colors, family members, body parts, clothing, etc. Students develop a foundation and appreciation of the German language, which will aid them if they continue in their German studies.

Spanish is a semester course that introduces students to the Hispanic cultures and language.

8th grade

French I Emphasizes communicating in French. Students become involved immediately in using the language to simulate daily life situations. Activities include speaking, listening, writing, reading, and the study of French culture. This is a high school credit course (0.5 credits per semester).

German I - German I is a year-long course that introduces the German language through conversations and readings relating to common, everyday vocabulary.  Some of the topics covered include school, chores, leisure-time activities, foods, weather, travel, parties, and shopping.  Students are introduced to basic grammar concepts and cultural information.  Authentic audio-visual aids reinforce hearing and speaking skills while lending authentic German cultural insights.  This is a high school credit course (0.5 credits per semester.)

Spanish I - Spanish I  is a high school course that focuses on speaking, reading, writing, and listening comprehension.  Students are introduced to the geography and cultures of the Spanish-speaking countries. They learn to make introductions, to talk about their origin, the weather, the time, the date, numbers, the days of the week, daily routines, school vocabulary and present tense verb conjugation. The students make presentations in Spanish and are required to take a final exam. This is a year long course.

Spanish IIB - Reinforces the fundamental structures of previous courses and focuses on the development of oral skills in active conversation. This course is the second semester of second year high school Spanish. It is only available to those students who have successfully completed the accelerated Spanish curriculum which begins at Dearington Elementary School for Innovation. This is a high school credit course (0.5 credits for the year).