Dunbar has the privilege to have a fully functional TV studio, complete with broadcast room, desk, blue screen, and production booth.  A student crew works to broadcast the news via our television network on a daily basis in the mornings. Soon we will begin broadcasting our signal digitally through our computer network! 

WDMS is a great way for your student to be involved in the everyday process of DMS. WDMS is a student -directed news show that is broadcast from Dunbar's very own television studio! Students are provided the opportunity to learn to use teleprompter and camera equipment. Students are given the opportunity to work in front of the camera as a lead anchor or as the weather or sports reporter, or behind the camera as a student director. 6th and 7th graders apply to work on WDMS at the beginning of each year and will work for 1 semester. Rising 8th graders with 2 years experience are given the opportunity to apply to be a Student Director, which works daily throughout the school year. WDMS is run by Mr. Loos and Mr. Moore.