The following guidelines have been put forth by the Athletic Department and school administration of Paul Laurence Dunbar Middle School for Innovation, to be used in conjunction with the Lynchburg City Schools Middle School Students Athlete Handbook.


  1. Players are required to follow the directions of the coach, official, or any other authority figure, without question.
  2. Players are expected to follow the rules set forth in the Lynchburg City Schools Middle School Student Athlete Handbook.
  3. Players are expected to behave in a manner befitting a Paul Laurence Dunbar Middle School for Innovation student-athlete in the school setting, as well as at any school-sponsored event.
  4. Detentions and suspensions will result in further disciplinary action by the team.
  5. Players are subject to all team rules, as set forth by each coach.


  1. Players who receive detentions may be subject to extra (but not excessive) exercises or other punishment in practice.
  2. Players who receive overnight or I.S.S. placements will be subject to as much as a one-game suspension, to be determined by the coach and/or athletic director.
  3. Players who are suspended from school are removed from the team. To be reinstated, the player must meet with the coach and athletic director upon his/her return to school and be able to convince the coach and athletic director that reinstatement is warranted.
  4. Players with suspensions of five days or longer are not eligible for reinstatement to the team.
  5. Players who are ejected from games must sign and abide by the Player Ejection Contract.
  6. Players who have repeat offenses or are in flagrant violation of team rules may be suspended or removed permanently from the team by the coach, athletic director or administration. (A meeting with the coach and athletic director will determine whether or not reinstatement will occur and the length of the suspension, if applicable.)