Ms. Jen Armstrong, MS, LAT, ATC
E. C. Glass Athletic Trainer
[email protected]

What is Athletic Training?

Athletic training is a healthcare profession that specializes in prevention, identification, and treatment of athletic injuries.  Athletic trainers are certified medical professionals who serve as first responders (first aid, CPR, AED, etc).

The Athletic Training Clinic
  • The clinic is open to all E. C. Glass athletes with an up-to-date physical (in season or out of season).
  • The clinic is where athletes can come for injury evaluations. 
  • Athletes can receive treatment for athletic injuries in the clinic or may be referred elsewhere when necessary.
  • Ms. Armstrong can make appointments with the team doctor:
    Dr. Omar Elkhamra,
    OrthoVirginia, Lynchburg.
Getting Cleared/Return to Play
  • If athletes see a doctor, they must be cleared by that doctor for the specific injury.
  • Athletes must bring doctor's notes to Ms. Armstrong .
  • Ms. Armstrong is responsible for then clearing the athlete to return to sport participation. 
  • Ms. Armstrong has more knowledge on specific demands on the athlete's sport and can determine when the athlete is ready to return to participation. 
Sign In Procedure
  • Athletes must sign in for ALL services provided by the Athletic Training Clinic.
  • This includes evaluations, treatments, ice bags, heat packs, tape, foam roll/stretch, etc.
  • The sign-in sheet is located on the computer inside the athletic training room. 
  • If you/your student is injured, please communicate with Ms. Armstrong or with your/your student’s coach.
  • Ms. Armstrong will communicate appropriately when applicable and based off the severity of the injuries.