Early College, CVGS & STEM Academy Frequently Asked Questions

Can I enroll to more than one program?

Students can apply to all three programs; however, students can only enroll in one program.

Can I take other classes than those listed for the Early College Program?

For the LCS Early College Program, there is an approved curriculum.  No course substitutions are allowed. This information can be found in the Program of Studies.

Do teacher recommendations have to be from this current school year?

It would be best for if teacher recommendations are from this year or your 9th grade year.  

For people who do not get accepted to the Early College Program, do they get a chance at a later date?

There are 24 LCS students (combination of both ECG and HHS students) who are accepted to the program annually. The CVCC selection committee will also provide names of students who were selected as alternates. If a student decides not to attend the program, the next student on the list will be offered the opportunity.