Population: 600 students
Mascot: Jaguar
Colors: Green, Yellow and White

Vision Statement

We believe in the power of relationships. We believe that through these relationships, students will come to enjoy and value learning. With increasing knowledge, we believe LMS students will grow to be independent thinkers and confident contributors who have the power to transform their futures and enhance the lives of self and others.

Mission Statement

Link Together. Learn Forever.


Responsibility for public education in Lynchburg City lies with a nine-member school board, which is appointed by the city council, the superintendent of schools, and his staff. On site, the LMS administrative staff consists of one principal and two assistant principals, each bearing primary responsibility for one of the three grade levels. The counseling department consists of 2.5 school counselors. Three full-time secretaries and a receptionist provide clerical support to the administrators and counselors. The school staff also includes a full-time registered nurse, a School Resource Officer who is a member of the Lynchburg Police Department, seven custodians, and fifteen cafeteria workers.

The Linkhorne Middle School faculty is comprised of fifty-six full-time teachers and three part-time teachers, 53% of whom hold advanced degrees. The teaching staff is supplemented by seven teacher assistants. The school’s media center is staffed by one full-time media specialist and one full-time library assistant. The services of a physical therapist, occupational therapist, speech therapist, and school psychologist are available through the central office.


Complementing the school’s instructional staff is a large, well-organized parent volunteer program. Services provided as a part of this program range from individualized tutorial assistance to clerical help to management of fund-raising activities to planning and facilitating a wide variety of curricular and extra-curricular student activities. The parent volunteer program consistently receives recognition from the central office for being the largest and most comprehensive program of its type within the school division.

Partners in Education

Through the school division’s Partners in Education program the school also has master partnerships with local businesses, organizations, and one area college. These partnerships provide instructional support and services to several areas of the curriculum, as well as funding for a variety of special student activities.

School History

Linkhorne Middle School is located in Lynchburg, Virginia, among the rolling foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains. The city of Lynchburg was originally established in 1786 as a tiny frontier settlement on forty-four acres of land situated at a ferry crossing on the James River. Today it is a complex industrial city that covers some fifty square miles and has a population of approximately 70,000. Linkhorne Middle School lies between Link Road and Langhorne Road, the two main thoroughfares from which it derives its name. The school campus is on a twenty-five acre tract of land in a residential neighborhood. The grounds include a quarter-mile track, a regulation football field, and three tennis courts, as well as facilities for basketball, softball, and soccer.

Linkhorne opened in 1966 and was designed to incorporate the then-popular concept of a school within a school. During its first decade, the school was a junior high serving grades seven, eight, and nine. The 1970s brought about the conversion of Linkhorne Junior High into a middle school. An entire sixth-grade complex housing twelve flexible rooms, a faculty workroom, and an auxiliary gymnasium was added in 1976. With the opening of the 1976-77 school year, ninth graders began attending the nearby high school, and Linkhorne Middle School began educating sixth, seventh, and eighth graders, which it continues to do today. In 1997, several internal and external modifications were made to ensure that the site and the building met the criteria for handicapped accessibility. Then in 2002 the school was fully renovated and a new gymnasium was added.


From US 460 (WEST): BEAR RIGHT onto CAMPBELL AV [460 BUS RT], after 2.7 mi. CONTINUE onto LANGHORNE RD [501 BUS RT], after 0.3 mi. TURN LEFT onto MEMORIAL AV [29 BUS RT] for less than .1 mi, TURN RIGHT onto LANGHORNE RD [501 BUS Rt] for 1.8 mi, TURN LEFT onto CRANEHILL DR for 0.4 mi, TURN LEFT into LINKHORNE school parking lot.

From US 29 (SOUTH) [AMHERST HWY], BEAR RIGHT onto US 221 (NORTH-WEST), travel 0.6 mi and CONTINUE onto PARK AV, go 0.2 mi and TURN RIGHT onto LANGHORNE RD [501 BUS RT], after 0.3 mi TURN LEFT onto MEMORIAL AV [29 BUS RT], Less than 0.1 mi TURN RIGHT onto LANGHORNE RD [501 BUS RT], travel 1.8 mi and TURN LEFT onto CRANEHILL DR, after 0.1 mi TURN LEFT into school parking lot.

From US 221 (EAST, TURN RIGHT onto HWY, travel for 1.7 mi and TURN LEFT onto US 501 (NORTH) [LYNCHBURG EXPY], after 1.7 mi CONTINUE onto OLD FOREST RD [HWY 291] for 1.5 mi, CONTINUE onto HWY 291 for less than 0.1 mi, CONTINUE onto LINKHORNE DR for 0.4 mi, FOLLOW LINKHORNE DR until it TURNS LEFT, go straight into the school parking lot instead of turning.

School Hours

7:50 a.m.-2:50 p.m.

School Year

Our school year consists of two semesters; four grading periods of nine weeks each.