Full Year Courses


This is a beginner level course which includes the basic elements of music, playing skills, and introduction to band literature. Students begin with one of four instruments, flute, clarinet, trumpet, or trombone, but may move on to a different instrument second semester. Most beginning band students are learning to play their first musical instrument, though some may have had piano lessons previously.

LMS Band website


This course is available to beginning students who would like to learn to play a stringed instrument as well as those students who are already proficient in the playing of a stringed instrument. Students expand on technical and performance skills.

Nine-Week Rotation


This course introduces students to the basic elements of music theory and the instrument families of the symphony orchestra. Students also study the role of music in different cultures throughout the world.


This course provides students an introduction to both 2D and 3D art forms. Students will use a variety of media to produce drawings, paintings, and sculpture.


Students study the basic elements of all technology, including tools, energy, materials, information, and people. This also includes the problem-solving process and various hands-on activities. They explore various systems of technology, including hydroponics, transportation, problem solving, and production/manufacturing. Finally, they relate the impact of technology on society, environment, and culture to future consequences and decisions. Projects include: Introduction Flyer, Safety Slide Show, Tic-Tac-Toe game board, wind mobile, and hydroponic planter.


In this class, students will get a brief overview of theatre history, pantomime, musical theatre, theatre vocabulary, and reader’s theatre.   Students will also vote on a play, audition for it, rehearse it, and then perform that play for family and LMS staff.


This course is designed to introduce the student to keyboarding fundamentals. They will learn a touch typing method for striking all keys quickly and accurately.  Students will use a variety of timed programs to increase speed and accuracy at the keyboard.