Full Year Courses

Advanced Band

This advanced-level band class emphasizes the development of full-band performance skills in preparation for concerts and competitions. The elements of more complex music theory and interpretation are addressed and a higher level of technical playing proficiency is developed.

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This course covers advanced music theory while developing presentation skills through the performance of a wide variety of polyphonic music.


This course emphasizes development of music reading skills and interpretation as well as the attainment of proficiency in solo, ensemble, and full-orchestra performance.

Accelerated Art

This year long course is designed for the advanced art student who has been invited to participate in the class because of his/her exceptional work in 7th grade art class or the presentation of a portfolio consisting of several outstanding completed pieces of art.  Both the two-dimensional and three-dimensional projects for this class are more challenging and provide the students with opportunities to create artwork using more advanced forms of media and equipment such as acrylic paint and a printing press.  The student will need to get the following supplies:  a sketch pad, a binder, colored pencils and a set of broad markers.

Full Year High School Credit Electives (*1.0 High School Credit)

*French I

This course emphasizes communicating in French. Students become involved immediately in using the language to simulate daily life situations. Activities include speaking, listening, writing, reading, and the study of French culture.

*Latin I

This course provides the foundation for understanding Latin and the basis for learning any world language. Students enlarge their vocabulary, refine grammar in English, and learn about the origins of many aspects of our culture while reading the history, myths, and legends of the ancient Romans.

*Spanish I

This course is an initiation into language as a means of active communication. A reasonable proficiency in understanding, speaking, reading, and writing Spanish is the primary goal.

*Intro to Theatre

This year-long electives s for serious theatre students who are indenting to pursue either Acting or Technical theatre at E.C. Glass.  Student will earn vocabulary and go in-depth to all of theatre history, from ancient times to present day.  They will also create a musical theatre showcase for family and friends to see at the end of the year.

Semester Courses

Web Page Design

This course is designed to be an extension of the seventh grade computer applications class. Topics covered include creating graphics, animation of GIF images, web pages, virtual reality, and the advanced features of Power Point, Word, Access, and Excel. Successful completion of seventh grade computer applications or approval of the instructor is prerequisite for this class.


This course stresses the art elements, good design principles and art history in both two- and three- dimensional art forms through the use of a variety of different media.  Units of study include opportunities in drawing, painting, printmaking and the creating of sculptures.  Supplies needed for this class  are 9 x 12” drawing paper, colored pencils, a binder for notes, and a set of broad markers

Inventions and Innovations 8

In this course students will make models of significant inventions that have advanced society. After studying these developments, they explore contemporary technological problems facing them, their community, or the world and apply a systematic procedure to invent new products or innovations as solutions. Technology topics include: audio communications, computer animation, alternative energy, flight, CO2 Dragster design, video production, virtual architecture,  materials and processes, digital music, and computer graphics technology.  Students will also work in small groups to solve technological problems using the design process. Projects include: CO2 Dragster, egg passenger compartment, flower box, acrylic picture frame, Balsa Wood Glider, mouse trap car, and vinyl t-shirt design transfer.

Technical Drawing

In this course students learn the basic language of technical drawing and design. Students design, sketch, and make technical drawings, use applied geometry, build architectural models, and prototypes of real design problems. Students use computer-aided drawing and design (CAD) equipment and established standards or codes to prepare drawings and models for presentation. The students will use the engineering Design Process to produce prototypes from the designs they create in AutoCAD Inventor. This is a good course for students who think they would like a career in engineering or architecture. Projects include: Technical sketches, AutoCAD and Inventor drawings, architectural drawings, jump Game design and Prototype, and model house.

Teen Living

This course is designed to introduce and explore basic homemaking skills. It includes units in food management, clothing management (individual sewing project), babysitting as a job, and personal care and grooming.


This course is designed for students to develop and enhance touch skills for entering alphabetic, numeric, and symbol information on a keyboard.  Students will compose and produce personal, educational, and professional documents.