Full Year Courses

Advanced Band
This advanced-level band class emphasizes the development of full-band performance skills in preparation for concerts and competitions. The elements of more complex music theory and interpretation are addressed and a higher level of technical playing proficiency is developed.

This course covers advanced music theory while developing presentation skills through the performance of a wide variety of polyphonic music.

This course emphasizes development of music reading skills and interpretation as well as the attainment of proficiency in solo, ensemble, and full-orchestra performance.

Full Year High School Credit Electives (.5 credit per semester)

French I
This course emphasizes communicating in French. Students become involved immediately in using the language to simulate daily life situations. Activities include speaking, listening, writing, reading, and the study of French culture.

Latin I
This course provides the foundation for understanding Latin and the basis for learning any world language. Students enlarge their vocabulary, refine grammar in English, and learn about the origins of many aspects of our culture while reading the history, myths, and legends of the ancient Romans.

Spanish I
This course is an initiation into language as a means of active communication. A reasonable proficiency in understanding, speaking, reading, and writing Spanish is the primary goal.

Semester Courses

Computer Applications
This course will emphasize multimedia and the technology SOLs. Through designing and developing presentations that include sound, animation, and graphics, the many components of computer technology will be discovered along with their usefulness. Students will create web pages. The use of spreadsheets, databases, and word processing will also be explored.

Advanced Web Page Design
This course is designed to be an extension of the seventh grade computer applications class. Topics covered include creating graphics, animation of GIF images, web pages, virtual reality, and the advanced features of Power Point, Word, Access, and Excel. Successful completion of seventh grade computer applications or approval of the instructor is prerequisite for this class.

This course stresses design and art composition in two- and three-dimensional forms through the media of drawing, painting, lettering, sculpturing, and papier-mâché. Supplies needed for this class include 9 x 12” drawing paper, colored pencils, a folder for notes, and a piece of large, white poster board.

Technological Systems
This course offers a modular approach to technological applications. Modules will be selected from among the following: power and energy, computer aided drafting, design technology, robotics, sensors and controls, research, communications, manufacturing systems II, electronics II, and metrology.

Teen Living
This course is designed to introduce and explore basic homemaking skills. It includes units in food management, clothing management (individual sewing project), babysitting as a job, and personal care and grooming.

During this course students will learn all aspects of producing a play, including set building and painting, lighting, sound, costume, and make-up, as well as acting.

Soar to Success Reading, SOL Social Studies, and SOL Math Courses
Students who did not pass the fifth grade SOL tests in reading or math and students recommended by teachers as needing additional help with reading and math may be scheduled to take a corresponding course to work on those skills.