Full Year Courses

Intermediate Band
This course is designed to offer students intermediate-level instruction in solo and ensemble playing, with emphasis on music theory, interpretation, and improved technical proficiency.

This course will cover music theory, basic choral technique, and ensemble singing. Performance of polyphonic music with appropriate performance skills will be emphasized.

This course emphasizes development of musical interpretation and the attainment of proficiency in solo, ensemble, and string orchestral performance.

Semester Courses

Technology Education
A modular approach to technological applications. Modules will be selected from among the following: computer programming, manufacturing systems, desktop publishing, problem solving, flight technology, rocket technology, electronics, screen process printing, bridge building engineering, and materials and processes.

Home Economics
Course has an emphasis on teen living skills and developing personal responsibility. Food unit includes nutrition, kitchen safety, cooking, and entertaining. Sewing unit covers use and care of the sewing machine, hand-sewing machine, hand-sewing techniques, and the completion of an individual sewing project. Childcare unit covers the responsibilities of parents and babysitters, childcare job proficiencies, safety, and age-appropriate play activities. A craft project will also be done if time permits.

This course is designed to give the students a variety of two-dimensional and three-dimensional art experiences using different media. Creative drawing opportunities as well as observational drawing will be emphasized. All units of study will incorporate good design principles into the development of the final projects. Materials the students will need to purchase for the course include 9x12” drawing paper, a folder for notes, and colored pencils. Other materials will be purchased with an additional fee paid. (Fee: $3.00)

Computer Applications
This course will emphasize multimedia and the technology SOLs. Through designing and developing presentations that include sound, animation, and graphics, the many components of computer technology will be discovered along with their usefulness. Students will create web pages. The use of spreadsheets, databases, and word processing will also be explored.

Introduction to World Languages
Course is designed to serve as an introduction to a variety of world languages and different cultures. Class will emphasize the functional use of language in everyday and conversational contexts. This course will also assist students in deciding on a world language for high school study.

World Traveler
This course involves the study of the people, culture, society, and history of various countries around the world. Religions, foods, languages, government, and recreational activities will be explored. Literature, computer technology, guest speakers, and individual and team projects will be used to enhance the learning process.

During this course students will learn all aspects of producing a play, including set building and painting, lighting, sound, costume, and make-up, as well as acting.

Soar to Success Reading and SOL Math Courses
Students who did not pass the fifth grade SOL tests in reading or math and students recommended by teachers as needing additional help with reading and math may be scheduled to take a corresponding course to work on those skills.