Published on Wed., April 13, 2011

Instructors with Lynchburg City Schools’ Suzuki Strings program celebrated forty years during the division wide Suzuki Strings concert in April.The program was held at E. C. Glass and included most of the 700 students involved in the program.  Students were represented at every grade level, from every Lynchburg City School. And the Director of the Strings Program, Ms. Ginger Paris, was awarded a plaque that said the following: “In celebration of 40 years of Suzuki Festivals, the Administration and Strings staff of Lynchburg City Schools present to Ginger Paris for your dedication, vision and leadership. Given April 11, 2011.”

The strong musical foundation leads to success for LCS students on the Regional and State level competitions.  At the 2011 South Central West Junior Regional Orchestra, Lynchburg students were Concertmasters of the Advanced and Intermediate Orchestras with 38 percent of the JRO participants from Lynchburg. The number of students participating in Senior Regional Orchestra and All-State Orchestra increases annually.

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