Published on Tue., January 31, 2012

Senior year comes with perks. At E.C. Glass those perks usually include trips to the skating rink and the miniature golf course as a class. In January they decided to pay it forward.

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The Hilltoppers’ senior class held their own “Day of Caring.” The students spread across Lynchburg to lend a hand at the humane society, visit a retirement community, bowl with special needs children and talk with elementary school classrooms. Many parents have also volunteered to help with chaperoning, baking desserts and organizing lunches.

Lisa Kibler, the senior class sponsor and Day of Caring coordinator says it’s a win-win for the Lynchburg community. Kibler was proud to be part of the day saying “it is very exciting to see our Glass community come together to give back to the same community that helped them grow.”

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