Published on Mon., November 19, 2012
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This year’s celebration of American Education Week was a huge success around the division. Scores of parents, grandparents and community members descended onto our schools to be a part of the educational process. More than 450 visitors and volunteers throughout the week witnessed first-hand the Lynchburg City Schools’ “Tradition of Excellence for All.”

Eighty-four visitors toured schools at every level and were impressed with the facilities and curriculum offerings.

Guest educators participated in classroom lessons. They provided advice, asked and answered questions, and gave very relevant presentations. Students were engaged and had the opportunity to ask some excellent questions.

Parents, grandparents and guardians packed the classrooms, hallways, and cafeterias all week as they joined their children for school activities.

American Education Week is observed nationally every year as a way to inform the public of the accomplishments and needs of public schools and to secure community support in meeting those needs.

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