Published on Wed., May 8, 2013

Jennifer Lovett - Teacher of the YearLinkhorne Elementary School teacher Jennifer Lovett has been named the Lynchburg City Schools Teacher of the Year.

“Ms. Lovett exhibits those characteristics that all teachers aspire to have—a caring spirit, a desire to do the best for children and a passion for learning,” said LES principal Kathleen Sawyer in her nominating letter. "Ms. Lovett truly cares about her children and faculty members at LES."

Ms. Lovett is committed to the teaching profession, and as an LCS Reading Specialist, she puts extra emphasis on the importance of reading. She partners with another teacher at the school in a summer reading program that includes visiting children at their homes, giving them books and encouraging them to read during the summer. She has received grant money that she used to purchase and distribute books to children outside area Wal-Mart stores.

Ms. Lovett works with all teachers, and especially new teachers. She takes time after school to meet with new teachers and show them various reading strategies, and discuss with them their questions and concerns. “She is a wonderful support for all teachers at LES,” Ms. Sawyer stated in her letter. “Teachers know if they have a question about a student or something to do with reading, they can go to her.”

Ms. Lovett says that teaching is more than meeting the academic needs of her students. “Teaching is taking ownership for the individual child and caring deeply as a parent would, providing guidance as a counselor would, preparing and carrying out a game plan as a coach would, encouraging and motivating as a cheerleader would, and organizing and directing as a manager would; doing it all from a foundation of genuine affection for each child and his or her total well being.”

And her students adore her, says Ms. Sawyer. “She puts her heart and soul into her teaching.”

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