Published on Fri., September 19, 2014
Field House for Baseball & Softball FieldsConstruction of the field house for baseball and softball.

The Top 5 ongoing activities for the new Heritage High School include

  • Heavy Earth Moving
  • Concrete Foundation Installation
  • Storm Drainage Pipe Installation
  • Interior Construction of the Baseball & Softball Athletic Support Facilities
  • Installation of the New Entrance Road

Fun Statistics to Report

  • 70,000 Cubic Yards of Earth will be moved
  • 1,500 Tons of Steel will be erected
  • Approximately 400,000 bricks & blocks will be laid
  • We have worked more than 25,000 man hours worked to date
  • 57% of the total contract has been subcontracted to local trade contractors

Other topics of potential interest:

  • We are actively engaged with the Heritage High School Building Trades Program to provide support for their curriculum in the form of tours and guest lectures


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