Published on Mon., February 2, 2015

With nearly 30 high school Career-Tech programs, Lynchburg City Schools has a lot to celebrate during Career and Technical Education Month. These courses allow students to get hands-on knowledge, certifications, licensures, college credits, and on-the-job experience during their high school careers. Just this year, Criminal Justice was added to the course list. Coming next school year, with the technical assistance from Liberty University, LCS will offer a Cyber Security class. Plus, the internship program will also be expanding to both high schools. LCS also offers 10 CTE courses for middle school students and holds CTE fairs at the middle schools each year. There is much to celebrate as students continue to learn valuable skills that will help them prepare for college and be ready for the workplace. Click here to read Lynchburg Business magazine's recent article on the CTE Program.

Shemaiah Slaughter  

Shemaiah Slaughter, Dental ProgramI’m a student in the Career-Tech Dental program at Lynchburg City Schools. I enjoy this class because I get a boost of knowledge about the dental field, and this will help me as a pursue a future career as an orthodontist. The Dental program is just one of many exciting Career Tech opportunities at LCS. I am able to earn state licensure, and the skills and information I have acquired will help me stand out when I apply to dental school.

Karl Gerlich  

Karl Gerlich, Technical Drawing and Engineering: I am a Career-Tech student in the Technical Drawing and Engineering program at Lynchburg City Schools. This program has helped me prepare for my goal of becoming an engineer. I have learned to use AutoCAD and other design software used by engineers and architects. We built bridges and models and drew 3-D objects in different views. This program has been a great experience that enhanced my engineering mindset.

Zoe Edge  

Zoe Edge, CosmetologyI’m a student in the Career-Tech Cosmetology program at Lynchburg City Schools. If you are interested in a career that will allow you to set your own schedule and make others feel great about themselves, this program is for you! The Cosmetology program at Lynchburg City Schools teaches me about the salon business, hair coloring, nails, and makeup. It’s one of three Career-Tech programs that leads to a state licensure, so that when I graduate from high school, I’ll be a certified cosmetologist.

Carlos Aleman  

Carlos AlemanCyber-securityI’m going to be one of the first students in Lynchburg City School’s newest Career-Tech program: Cyber Security. My career will never be obsolete. My career will always need more people. In 10 years, my skills will be among the most needed on Earth. In this program I will learn about how to secure wireless networks, defeat hackers, and analyze network security risks. Because of this new and exciting Career-Tech opportunity at LCS, I will be at the leading edge of innovation and technology and on my way to making more than 90 thousand dollars a year before I’m 22 years old.

Demarr Gillis  

Demarr Gillis, Computer Information: I’m a freshman enrolled in the Career-Tech Computer Information Systems program at Lynchburg City Schools. In this class we get our Microsoft Office Specialist Certification, which shows that we are proficient in using programs such as Word, Powerpoint, and Excel. The class also enhances our writing skills to better prepare us for college and work in a professional environment. This Career-Tech program at LCS will help me standout and succeed in whatever career field I choose.   

Jayla Smith  

Jayla Smith, Early Childhood Education: I’m a student in the Career-Tech Early Childhood Education program at Lynchburg City Schools. This class teaches teens and young adults about children and how they grow and develop as well as how to cope with certain needs of children. We create lesson plans, and teach them in real classroom settings. This Career-Tech opportunity at LCS will help me in my goal to become a better teacher and understand the best ways to help children learn. It also helps me develop a better understanding of myself.

Tiffany and Taylor  

Taylor and Tiffany, Automotive Technology: We are in the Career-Tech Automotive Program at Lynchburg City Schools. In this program we learn about engines and other vehicle systems by doing hands-on training. We are also learning about newer technology such as Hybrids. This class is one of several Career-Tech programs at LCS that leads to an industry certification. And it not only prepares me for a future career, but it teaches me practical skills and how to maintain my own car.

Jacob Benson  

Jacob Benson, Building Trades: I am a Career-Tech student in the Building Trades program in Lynchburg City Schools. This class has been fantastic in teaching me about carpentry/construction. This class has opened several doors for me if I choose to continue working in this field in the future. We have met with people in several local businesses, along with competitions with other schools, to not only learn from them, but to showcase our skills to people experienced in the field. Our classroom projects have included little things like building stools all the way to working on a house. The skills that we have learned here will help us greatly in the future, and give us a fantastic head start in the career fields of our future.

Jacob Heller  

Jacob Heller, Internship Program: My name is Jacob Heller, and I’m a student in the Career-Tech Internship program at Lynchburg City Schools. Do you want to take a class that could have a direct impact on your life? Do you want to take a class that can help you get your foot in the door and jump-start your career? The internship program is one of the most exciting Career Tech opportunities at LCS. It will give you real work experience and open the door to a world of possibilities.


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