Published on Mon., February 9, 2015

String InstrumentLynchburg City School string students, grades 7-9, auditioned in Charlottesville in January for placement in the Southwest Junior Regional Advanced and Intermediate Orchestras. This event will take place on March 27-28, 2015 at Heritage High School.  The following students were selected to participate:

Advanced Orchestra

Violin 1
Virgil Moore, DMS
Dylan Wright, LMS
Eva Pontius, ECG
Ashley Kim, HHS

Violin 2
Melinda Hastings, HHS
Margaret Lloyd, LMS
Graysen Adams, DMS
Kate O'Connell, LMS
Amanda Yi, ECG
Reagan McDaniel, ECG
Sarah Greene, LMS

Grace Chun, HHS, Principal
Frederick Smallshaw, DMS
Chloe Seng, LMS
Alexander Shen, DMS
Manan Shah, HHS

Annalisha Staples, LMS, Principal
Youbin Roh, ECG
Kyle Mendez, ECG
Julianna Sigler, DMS

Intermediate Orchestra

Violin 1
Eric Bang, HHS
Noah Teasley, LMS

Violin 2
Jueun Jeong, SMS, Principal
Yechon Choi, SMS
Justin Penalva, HHS
Kathryn Sommardahl, LMS
Virginia Webb, LMS
Jordan McClure, HHS
TC Hill, HHS
Keeley Sarver, DMS

Jenaka Derksen, LMS
Grace Morales, DMS
Gwyneth Terry, HHS
Joseph Polk, HHS

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