Published on Tue., May 5, 2015

On Tuesday, May 5th, LCS students, teachers, and administrators surprised Mrs. Kira Roberts at R. S. Payne Elementary School with flowers and balloons and the announcement that she was named the 2015 Lynchburg City Schools teacher of the year.

Mrs. Roberts was nominated for the award when she was selected by her colleagues as her school’s teacher of the year. Mrs. Roberts is a fifth grade teacher and a unit leader at R. S. Payne, where she has served for the past three years.  

“In my opinion education is the answer for the woes of our society,” she writes in her nomination letter. “For me, it is my responsibility to persevere to help others achieve their goals, especially the youth of Lynchburg.  Because I can, and because I am called to do so.”

Mrs. Roberts says her philosophy on teaching is two-fold. Her first belief revolves around interactions with fellow teachers and staff, and her belief that learning from others and sharing best practices is key to being a successful teacher. The second belief revolves around how she interacts with her students. She acknowledges the importance of understanding and listening to each student. “You may not agree, or even relate,” she says, “But they need to be heard.  The simple act of really listening just might be THE answer.”

“It is indeed a pleasure to have Kira as a part of my staff, and I have had the privilege of watching her passion for children,” said R. S. Payne Principal John Blakely in his nomination letter. Mr. Blakely also noted that there is no greater compliment than the recognition a person can receive from their peers.

According to her colleagues at R. S. Payne, Mrs. Roberts is a positive role model who teaches her students respect by showing respect to them. She is engaged in the community and interacts with families in all grades, not just those in her class. She created the FACE team, which consists of a panel of teachers and administrators who seek different ways to reach the parents of their students. She strives to bridge the gap between the parents and teachers in the community. 

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