Published on Thu., January 7, 2016

Honor BandLynchburg City Schools band students auditioned for the VBODA District 6 Regional Honor Bands in December. Students from over 40 schools competed for this region's honor band at Franklin County High School. From E. C. Glass, 14 students were awarded a position, with 5 students qualifying for All-state Auditions in February. From Heritage High, two students were awarded a position on the prestigious band.

E. C. Glass

Concert Band
Ethan Pitts
PJ Skelley
Micah Skipper 
Michael Charlton 
Annemarie Guske 
Kai Caldwell
Jacob Sheehan 

Symphonic Band
Kurt Cox (4th chair) 
Peter Kistler (2nd chair and all-state eligible)
Ernest Murphy (2nd chair)
Rachel Cate (4th chair and all-state eligible)
Preston House (4th chair and all-state eligible)
Daniel Simon (3rd chair and all-state eligible)
Riley Millward (1st chair and all-state eligible)

Heritage High

Concert Band
Brandon Johnson (2nd chair)

Symphonic Band
Isaac Howard (5th chair)

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