Published on Mon., March 7, 2016


Eight delegates from Heritage High School participated in the All-District Chorus event in February, and according to teacher Barbara Elliott, they truly represented HHS well. Among the HHS highlights were the following student achievements: Jaron Crawley was named a Bass II alternate for All Virginia Chorus; Crystal Haley, who was in the Mixed Chorus, had a solo for one of the songs they performed; and Goodness Napper, who was in the Treble Chorus, was one of a small group of young ladies who performed a verse in one of the songs they performed. 

E. C. Glass

Among the numerous outstanding performances by E. C. Glass High School students at the All-District Chorus event in February were several Hilltoppers who were selected for All-Virginia Chorus, including Jennifer Coffer (Soprano I Delegate), Caroline Guske (Soprano I Delegate), Emily Pawlas (Soprano II, 1st Alternate Delegate), and George Phillips (Bass I, 2nd Alternate Delegate).

Glass delegates Jennifer Coffer, Soprano I, and Tilyana Brewer, Alto II, were also featured soloists with a small group during the Women's Choir performance.

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