Published on Mon., March 14, 2016

Lynchburg City Schools was well-represented again this year in the annual Young Writers Competition.

The following students were winners in the regional competition in their categories:

Dictated Poetry: Losson Jones, Henry Brust

Fiction: Sadie Hageman, Tovia Carothers, Haven Manning, Amorie Dop, Charlie Hageman, Glenn Morse, Emma McClain, Brielle Elliott, Olivia Deddens, Catherine Conlon

Poetry: Juliet Matthews, Sam Hackworth, Haley Piercy, Landon Roberts, Jack Pitts, Sha’mya Jones, Ethan Page, Emma Eubank, Chloe Bain, Nuha Reza

Essay: Ellis McCall, Faith Jacob, Margaret Gladieux, Mary Katherine Guthrie

Click here for a full list of the 2016 district winners.


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