Published on Tue., April 12, 2016

R. S. Payne Elementary strings student Axel Laurence helped arrange for a special guest to visit LCS strings classes to provide fiddle lessons. Axel, who moved to Lynchburg with his family from Seattle a few years ago, took fiddle lessons from instructor Martha Levenson, and he enjoyed the lessons so much that, after moving to Lynchburg, he and his mom wanted to arrange for Ms. Levenson to share his experiences with his classmates.

During the week, workshops are being provided at different schools where students will learn about Nordic culture and folk music traditions while playing lively music with intricate harmonies and captivating rhythms.

Ms. Levenson and her partner Emma Anderson are co-directors of the Seattle Lilla Spelsmanslag, a Nordic folk music performing group for strings players ages 8-18. They are also band members of the Skolkis, a fiddle group that was featured on Prairie Home Companion last summer. Ms. Levenson is a 2016 Swedish Council of America Award of Merit recipient, honored for sharing Nordic music and traditions with young musicians.

The pair will present a special concert on the evening of Tuesday, April 12 at 7:00 p.m. at Holy Trinity Lutheran Church. There is no admission charge, but donations will be accepted.

Nordic folk music lessons

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