Published on Fri., April 15, 2016

Seventeen students from the R. S. Payne GO Center participated in the 2016 Lynchburg Canstruction event, in which teams collect canned goods and make sculptures to be voted on by the public.

The theme for the project this year was "A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away....Fight Hunger Your Desire: Cans You Must Raise." The GO Center students’ model alone had more than 3,500 cans of food, and it will all be donated to the Blue Ridge Area Foodbank once the sculptures are taken down. 

Instead of going with the more obvious Star Wars theme, the GO Center students created a “Marvin the Martians” sculpture. The students and their teacher collaborated with the E. C. Glass Drafting II teacher and students to create a 3-d image of their sculpture before they built it. The high schoolers helped the elementary students with the design by drawing and building a 3-D model of the Marvin the Martian and Bugs Bunny scene. The students from both schools worked together using sketches and Google classroom to finalize some of the design details. The ECG students drew every can to scale and generated the 3-D model using Inventor before printing each part with the 3D printer.

Click here to vote by midnight on Wednesday, April 20.

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