Published on Fri., February 10, 2017

Lynchburg City Schools’ string students in grades 7-9 auditioned in Charlottesville in January for placement in the Southwest Junior Regional Advanced and Intermediate Orchestras. This event will take place on March 24-25, 2017 at Monticello High School in Charlottesville. The following students were selected to participate:

Advanced Orchestra

E. C. Glass High School - Zoe Nylund, Virginia Webb

Heritage High School - Graysen Adams, Noah Keeney

Dunbar Middle School - Jeffrey Wooters, Assisstant Concertmaster; Helen Cohen; Ryan Gallagher; William Jarrett; Eujine Kim; Jillian Nylund,

Linkhorne Middle School - Dylan Myaing, Assistant Principal Violin 2; Drew Morris; Emily Mullen; Katie Salmon

Intermediate Orchestra

Heritage High School - Katrina Jaminet, Ethan Regan

Dunbar Middle School - Charly Beasley, Amy Jablonski

Linkhorne Middle School - Emory Gleason, Eric Kauppi, Olivia Ownby

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