Lynchburg City Schools offers the following online courses available through Virtual Virginia.

Lynchburg City Schools also offers the following online courses through Edgenuity.

Lynchburg City Schools does not pay course fees and other costs of online courses for non-resident students. During the summer, tuition is charged for both resident and non-resident students for online courses.

Granting Credit for Online Courses

Specific courses available to students for credit depends on the course meeting the graduation requirements outlined in the Lynchburg City Schools’ High School Program of Studies and specific course needs of the student.

Legal References

The information related to online course offerings is provided by the Lynchburg City School Board in compliance with the Code of Virginia 22.1-212.24 as amended, 2014. 

“By July 1, 2011, local school boards shall post on their websites information regarding online courses and programs that are available through the school division and Virtual Virginia. Such information shall include but not be limited to the types of online courses and programs available to students through the school division, when the school division will pay course fees and other costs for nonresident students, and the granting of high school credit.”