The telephone and email messaging system will be used on inclement weather days. Please note, employee home telephones and cell phones will be called by 6:00 a.m. on an inclement weather day. If your home telephone and/or cell number has changed, please forward that information to the Department of Human Resources so that you will receive messages. We will also continue to inform the public about inclement weather closings and delays through the LCS website, local media outlets, social media, WLCS Channel 17, and the school division Urgent Information Line at 515-5080.

Employee Codes

The following employee codes will be used to inform employees on whether or not they should report to work:

Employee Code 0: Closed—No employees report. Essential personnel, please note you are on call as needed.

Employee Code 1: Students and employees will report two hours late: essential personnel report at their normal time.

Employee Code 2: Closed—Students and less than 12-month employees do not attend. Twelve-month employees and essential personnel should report to work at their normal time.

Employee Code 3: Closed—Students do not attend. All instructional staff, administrative staff, clerical staff and essential personnel should report by ________ a.m.

General Notes

  • If an employee who is expected to work on inclement weather days does not report to work that day, he/she will turn in a leave form for either personal leave or vacation leave. If the employee does not have personal or vacation leave balance their pay will be docked for that day.
  • When school is closed due to inclement weather all after-school activities are canceled unless approved by the Superintendent or her designee.
  • Essential personnel are defined as the following employees:
    • Facilities Maintenance Personnel
    • Day Shift Custodians
    • Transportation Dispatchers, Transportation Secretaries, Mechanics and Fuel Attendant
  • Any early dismissal due to inclement weather will be on the 1/2 day schedule.

Inclement Weather: Things We Do and Take into Consideration

  • Monitor hourly weather forecast for Lynchburg from National Weather Service Office in Blacksburg, VA
  • Call meteorologist at the National Weather Service as needed for the timing of weather events and expected impacts
  • Designated staff drive roads in Lynchburg to observe road conditions
  • Call Lynchburg’s Emergency Communication Center for road reports
  • Check conditions of schools and facilities
  • Timing of weather event
    • in relation to the morning and afternoon commute,
    • as well as possible impact on extracurricular afterschool events and transportation
  • Consult with neighboring school divisions and private schools in the area concerning their inclement weather plans