LCS is now accepting non-resident tuition payments online for the the 2023-24 school year. See flyer for details.

The Lynchburg School Board annually sets a tuition rate for non-resident students to attend the Lynchburg City Schools. The Board has approved a tuition fee base rate of $3400 for in-person instruction. The tuition rate is approximately the amount spent from local tax funds for the education of one student for one year. The tuition fee base rate for the LCS Virtual Academy is $1700.

Tuition can be paid annually at the beginning of the school year, semiannually at the beginning of each semester, quarterly at the beginning of each quarter, or monthly at the beginning of each month. Parents who enroll their children as tuition students are expected to pay as agreed at the appropriate times. We do not bill.

Non-Resident Student Application are required each school year from all new and returning students.

Non-Resident students who require special services are admitted only on a space available basis due to the special regulations governing those programs. Additional tuition fees for special services will be based on the required services. In addition, students who have been suspended from their former schools or who have poor attendance or disciplinary records are not accepted. Tuition students who become disciplinary problems after enrollment are subject to immediate removal from the school system. On the other hand, the school system is glad to accept serious students who wish to pursue a sound education.

After reading the above, if you feel that your student qualifies for tuition status, please complete, sign, and return the Non-Resident Student Application to Office of the Superintendent, Lynchburg City Schools, P. O. Box 2497, Lynchburg, Virginia 24505-2497.

Any time during the school year you move outside the city limits, tuition to the Lynchburg Schools is effective at once, for the remainder of the year. You may contact the Lynchburg City Schools’ Finance Office to receive tuition cost information and a tuition application. When moving within the city, please notify the school office of your new address.

The Lynchburg City Schools assesses a $20 service charge for checks returned for any reason.