What services does Lynchburg City Schools Payroll Department provide?

As a LCS employee, all questions related to your paycheck should be directed to the Office of Payroll & Benefits.

Some of the services provided to you include:

  • Implementing, reviewing, and enforcing payroll policies and procedures
  • Processing all federally and state mandated employment documents (W-4s, VA-4 etc.)
  • Monitoring and implementing payroll tax law changes
  • Processing employment verification requests for the Employment Commission
  • Maintaining employee payroll records
  • Issuing W-2s and replacement of lost W-2 forms
  • Assisting employees with payroll questions
  • Ensuring all employees are paid on a timely basis, including the distribution of direct deposits
How do I get paid?

Contracted employees are paid in equal installments over the course of the year. Most employees are paid 24 equal payments. Classified employees who have less than 260 day contracts have the option to be paid over 22 equal payments. This option will not include summer payments.

Hourly and additional duties?

All payroll activity begins at the school/department level. Each school/department is responsible for obtaining all required documentation and signatures for timesheets, and for maintaining time entries. When paperwork is forwarded to payroll and processed; payment is then released according to the payroll schedule.

How often do I get paid?

Payroll currently operates on a semi-monthly schedule.

All payments will be distributed on the 15th and the 30th of the month. If the 15th or the 30th fall on a weekend or a federal holiday; payment will be released the prior business day.

Pay periods will run from the 1st through the 15th of the month payable on the 30th and 16th through the last day of the month payable on the 15th.

Click here for the semi-monthly payroll schedule.

I think my paycheck is incorrect. What should I do?

Contact the Office of Payroll & Benefits immediately. Payroll will investigate your question and let you know the resolution. All payment adjustments will be made in the following payroll.

Do I have to fill out timesheets?

Certain hourly employees, working any workshop or secondary role must submit a timesheet indicating the number of hours worked on each day for the pay period. Both the employee and supervisor must sign and date the timesheet and turn it in to payroll with the appropriate coversheet. You must sign your timesheet in order to get paid. Only accurately filled out timesheets will be processed.

Be sure to include full legal name (clearly print), employee ID, correct calculations, and clearly print dates. Do not fill out the timesheet in advance of the last day worked in the pay period.

When do I have to notify Payroll with personal information changes?

Any time there is a change in your taxable status, you may elect to complete a new W-4 Form and/or VA-4. A change in tax status could result from a marriage, a divorce, the birth of a child, or the loss of a deduction.

Immediately notify the Office of Payroll & Benefits when there is a change in your banking information. Delaying changes will result in delay of payment. You will need to fill out a new direct deposit form for all changes.

These forms are available on LCS Commons for your use.

Please report to the Department of Human Resources any home address and/or phone number changes as well as any time you have a change in work phone number, work address, or e-mail address. All name changes must be reported as soon as possible, and must be accompanied by a social security card (or receipt) for the name change to take place.

Am I eligible for overtime?

Eligibility for overtime is determined by job classification. Only non-exempt pre-approved employees may acquire overtime. Appropriate documentation should be completed to approve the overtime. See LCS Commons under forms to print and complete the approval form.

What are LCS vacation and holiday policies, and what are the official LCS holidays?

Refer to the LCS Personnel Policy site for the related policies and see the LCS employee calendar for the Holiday Schedule.

I have more questions! Who can I contact?

If you need further assistance beyond the general information provided in this website, contact the Office of Payroll & Benefits. Please refer to the contacts listed on the Payroll & Benefits Staff page.