Students are under the authority of the bus driver while on the bus. The driver is to control student conduct and report behavior problems to the principal. The principal shall be responsible for all disciplinary action. Failure on the part of any student to follow the rules and regulations dealing with school bus operation may result in termination of privilege to ride the school bus in addition to other appropriate disciplinary measures.

The following actions are prohibited:
  • Smoking
  • Eating on the bus
  • Use of any type of profanity and/or vulgarity
All students that ride a bus are expected to:
  • Practice acceptable classroom behavior
  • Remain in seat when bus is in motion
  • Keep aisles clear
  • Avoid extending arms, hands, or head from bus windows
  • Refrain from throwing objects from bus
  • Assist the driver in maintaining a clean bus

Please Note: All buses are equipped with a video camera. When registering for school, parents and students are required to sign the Lynchburg City Schools Code of Student Conduct, Responsibility and Attendance Statement which acknowledges receipt of this information.