1201 Floyd St. (map)
Lynchburg, VA 24501
Phone: (434) 515-5270

The GO Center is located at R. S. Payne Elementary School.

GO Center Population

There are two classes each in third, fourth, and fifth grades. The maximum number of students per class is 25.

Eligibility Process

Information used for the GO Center selection process includes:

  • Level III Referral Form
  • Ability Test Scores
  • Achievement Test Scores
  • Gifted Characteristics Checklist with Commentary
  • Interview and observation of student
  • Progress reports
  • Work samples produced at school, 3 writing and 2 math
  • Parent questionnaire
  • Additional test data, optional
  • Awards and letters of recommendation, optional

Students found eligible to attend the GO Center are chosen by a Division Eligibility Committee using the information noted above. The eligibility process begins as students are referred into the gifted identification process.

Approach to Curriculum

The GO Center offers a differentiated, expanded curriculum, and instructional methodology that promotes self-direction through the use of divergent thinking skills, higher levels of questioning, interpretive study of literature, and independent projects. Students are afforded the opportunity to approach the subject matter in a way that accentuates their particular abilities, learning styles, and interests. The program is not designed to be only accelerated; rather the emphasis is on broadening the exposure to academic targets less often explored in the regular classroom. This approach allows students’ strengths and abilities to be targeted, thus eliminating the tedium of extraneous drill work.

Carpe Diem

Students at the GO Center learn Latin vocabulary, Latin phrases, and English words that are derived from Latin words as they explore Roman culture, customs, and history.