Meals for students participating in remote learning will be available for curbside pick up at the five secondary schools Monday, Wednesday and Friday (no holidays) from 11:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m., providing two days worth of meals each serving day. Students receiving hybrid instruction will receive meals on the two days they are in the building. On their second day in the building, they will receive take-home meal kits.

Meal Curbside Pick-up Locations:

  • E. C. Glass High School
  • Heritage High School
  • Dunbar Middle School
  • Linkhorne Middle School
  • Sandusky Middle School

Schools have worked closely with School Nutrition to develop a plan for eating breakfast and lunch during in-building days that is safe and efficient for students, which can vary from school to school. Models utilized could be food kiosks, food delivery to classrooms, or eating in the cafeteria following social distancing recommendations.

LCS Meal Menus