Heritage High School provides our students with an opportunity to enhance their high school experience by becoming involved in clubs and organizations designed to develop leadership and cooperation.

We offer a wide variety of clubs and activities in the areas related to community service, academic, work experience, and recreation. We feel we have something for our entire student population.

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  ACE/Scholastic Bowl
  • Who to Contact: Ms. Wood in room 2-402 or [email protected]
  • What: ACE (Academic Competition for Excellence)/Scholastic Bowl is a VHSL academic team. Scholastic Bowl pits four-person teams in a test of knowledge of English, math, science, social studies and miscellaneous areas like current events, entertainment, the arts and sports. Tournaments consist of head to head team competitions with competing teams consisting of 4 players each.
  • When: 3 days per week (TBA) after school beginning October 1 through February end of competition season
  • Where: Room 2-402
  • How to Join: Students must participate in a minimum of two out of three practice sessions per week; however, special allowances are made for interested students who participate in other after school activities in regards to practice attendance. Members must be able to compete in weekly tournaments which begin in January..
  Art Club
  • Who to Contact: Mrs. Ella Gleason (Schwarz) or [email protected]
  • What: Fostering an appreciation for the visual arts, art history, and collaborative art.
  • When: Meeting times vary depending on projects
  • Where: Room 1-504, Visual Arts Hall
  • How to Join: E-mail or see Mrs. Gleason.
  Concert/Symphonic Band
  • Who to Contact: Mr. Brooks in room 1-810 (Band Room) or [email protected]  
  • What: Content includes the development of individual competency in sight reading, dynamics, rhythmic interpretation, intonation, and the concepts of ensemble performance. 
  • When: Year long course
  • Where: Room 1-810
  • How to Join: See Mr. Brooks, enroll in concert band on your course schedule
  • Who to Contact: Mr. Kelso in room 1-306 or [email protected]
  • What: DECA prepares emerging leaders and entrepreneurs in marketing, finance, hospitality and management in high schools and colleges around the globe.
  • When: Year long marketing course
  • Where: Room 1-306
  • How to Join: See Mr. Kelso in room 1-306 and sign up for marketing on your course schedule
  Environmental Club
  • Who to Contact: Mr. Drumheller in room 2-206 or [email protected] 
  • What: The Environmental Club is involved in the discussion and implementation of projects that will have a positive effect in our community.
  • When: Meeting times vary related to projects and activities.
  • Where: Room 2-206
  • How to Join: Email Mr. Drumheller and listen for meeting updates on the morning announcements. 
  • Social Media: Join our Google Classroom page
  Fellowship of Christian Athletes (FCA)
  • Who to Contact: Mr. Morgan room 2-305 [email protected] or Coach Bryant room 2-303 [email protected]
  • What: An interdenominational Christian sports ministry to see the world impacted for Jesus Christ through the influence of coaches and athletes
  • When: Every other Thursday at 2:45 p.m.
  • Where: Room 2-305
  • How to Join: Come to a meeting. All are invited.
  • Who to Contact: Ms. Klompstra in room 2-403 or [email protected] 
  • What: We perform poetry, prose, skits, or speeches that take ten minutes or less. We compete in classrooms by expressively reading or reciting various literature that each student chooses. It’s a bit like a poetry slam. We are part of the Southwest Virginia Forensics League and also the Virginia High School League. Students are not required to have any experience before participating. This is an academic activity and looks good on a college transcript. It’s also a chance to meet students from other schools, and it’s fun!
  • When: Meetings will be Tuesdays from 2:45-4:00 p.m.
  • Where: Room 2-403
  • How to Join: Just by simply showing up!
  French Club
  • Who to Contact: Ms. Dodgion in room 1-111 or [email protected] 
  • What: Exploring & fostering knowledge of French culture. Activities for the year will be discussed & decided at the first meeting
  • When: Meeting times TBA
  • Where: Room 1-111
  • How to Join: Must be enrolled in French OR have taken French in the past. There is a $5 membership fee.
  Future Business Leaders of America
  • Who to Contact: Mr. Webb in room 1-307 or [email protected] 
  • What: FBLA offers specialized business and leadership programs, competitive events, and co-curricular activities to complement academics while developing and enhancing a student's leadership skills. Members also choose from over 50 competitive and skills events from the areas of technology, public speaking, business, finance, and management.
  • When: Meetings will occur during class times
  • Where: Mr. Webb’s Room 1-307
  • How to Join: Be enrolled in one of Mr. Webb’s courses; Dues are $10 ($4-State, $6- National)
  German Club
  • Who to Contact: Ms. Lemaster in room 1-113 or [email protected] 
  • What: Furthering and fostering German culture
  • When: Second Thursday of each month
  • Where: Room 1-113
  • How to Join: Must be in German at the present or have taken German in the past. There is a $5 membership fee.
  HYPE Club
  • Who to Contact: Ms. Davis in the Guidance Office or [email protected]
  • What: In partnership with Horizon Behavioral Health, this club encourage drug and alcohol prevention among youth
  • When: TBA
  • Where: Guidance conference room or varied locations
  • How to Join: Contact Ms. Davis or feel free to just show up to the first meeting
  • Who to Contact: Ms. Nogueras in room 1-105 or [email protected] 
  • What: A student-led Bible club designed to encourage students to come together and stand strong in their Faith through Bible study, monthly service projects, and club activities.
  • When: Wednesday (specific dates TBA)
  • Where: Room 1-105
  • How to Join: Contact Ms. Nogueras or feel free to just show up to the first meeting!
  Jazz Band
  • Who to Contact: Mr. Brooks in room 1-810 (Band Room) [email protected] 
  • What: A study of the jazz idiom and the techniques related to playing the different styles with an introduction to basic improvisational skills. Content includes development of individual competency in sight reading, dynamics, rhythm interpretation, balance, and intonation
  • When: Year long course
  • Where: Room 1-810
  • How to Join: See Mr. Brooks, enroll in jazz ensemble on your course schedule
  Literary Magazine: The Pioneer
  • Who to Contact: Mrs. Boyd in room 2-112 or [email protected] 
  • What: The literary magazine is a place where students at Heritage can publish their writing, art, and photography. The magazine staff help decide which pieces will be accepted into the magazine each year. We are also hoping to create more of a social media presence, so you might also be able to help with that aspect of the magazine. You can also submit your own work and encourage others to submit work to the magazine throughout the year.
  • When: 1x/month during the fall semester and 1x/week during the spring semester after school for about 1 hour each session (specific dates TBA)
  • Where: Mrs. Boyd’s room 2-112
  • How to Join: Send Mrs. Boyd an email to let her know you are interested or just show up to the first meeting! 
  • Social Media: We are hoping to add an Instagram account this year!
  • Link to Last Year’s Published Magazine: https://issuu.com/thepioneerlitmag/docs/the_pioneer_2021-final-2
  Lynchburg Students Rise
  • Who to Contact: Mrs. Drumheller in room 2-203 or [email protected] 
  • What: The mission of Lynchburg Students RISE is to amplify the voice of students of color, to educate and encourage allies, and to put an end to societal and systemic racism while providing a peaceful platform that empowers kids in our community safely.
  • When: Meeting times vary related to projects and activities.
  • Where: Varied depending on activities in school and in the community
  • How to Join: Email Mrs. Drumheller for information
  • Social Media: Facebook - Lynchburg Students Rise
  Marching Band - BOMM
  • Who to Contact: Mr. Brooks in room 1-810 (Band Room) [email protected] 
  • What: The “Big Orange Marching Machine” has a strong tradition of musical excellence and has been continuously recognized as one of the Commonwealth’s finest bands for many years. The band has been the recipient of countless local, state, regional and national honors throughout its thirty seven year history. The BOMM has recorded a remarkable eight year marching campaign to its impressive resume where the band has been awarded eighteen Band of the Day titles and twenty six divisional titles in twenty six events. The Heritage High School Band program has been named a Commonwealth of Virginia Honor Band ten times by the Virginia Band and Orchestra Directors’ Association (1995, 1996, 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2009, 2010  2011 and 2012).
  • When: July-November (summer and after school schedule) and competitions on Saturdays throughout the fall
  • Where: Room 1-810 (Band Room) and Band Field
  • How to Join: See Mr. Brooks in the band room for details. Even if you don’t have musical talent there may be a place for you.
  • Social Media: Facebook - Heritage High School Band Boosters, Lynchburg, VA
  National Honor Society (NHS)
  • Who to Contact: Mr. Citty in room 1-216 or [email protected]
  • What: The National Honor Society is a group that recognizes academic excellence in high school. Not only that, membership in this prestigious group goes beyond high school. It is favored by colleges and universities across America. Service is an extremely important aspect of the NHS. Members spend time doing community service in the local area. In fact, to be considered for membership, you must have completed a minimum of (10) ten community service hours during your eleventh grade year (including the summer prior to the eleventh grade year until the onset of the selection process – usually in February). Ethics and character are also valued, NHS members exhibit strong character traits of honesty, reliability and initiative. Furthermore, NHS members should be well-rounded individuals. To be considered, you must have participated in a minimum of 2 extracurricular activities (school and/or community) throughout each of your high school years; so get involved.
  • When: Monthly meetings
  • Where: TBD
  • How to Join: Membership is by invitation only. You are qualified by having a GPA of 3.25 or higher and receiving a nomination through the NHS Selection Committee in partnership with HHS faculty and staff.
  New Heritage Singers
  • Who to Contact: See the Chorus teacher in room 1-806 
  • What: Competitive show choir
  • When: Year long course- Chorus III class and after school
  • Where: Room 1-806
  • How to Join: Audition and enroll in Chorus III
  Marine Corps JROTC Drill Team
  • Who to Contact: SgtMaj Dave Eldridge Room 1-614 or [email protected] 
  • What: The Drill Team is a marching unit that performs routines based on Navy and Marine Corps drill regulations. The drill team performs either armed or unarmed, in units of various sizes. The exhibition drill team creates routines based on precision drill movements with varying degrees of difficulty. Additionally, we wear the U.S. Marine Corps’ Blue Dress uniform and conduct Color Guard details at various events within the local community on a regular basis. We compete at the regional and national level in the spring. Of note, the Heritage MCJROTC Drill Team posted MCJROTC National Championships in 1984, 1987, 1988, and 1999 with numerous Western Regional Championships throughout the 2000s. 
  • When: Tuesday and Thursday from 2:30-4:00 p.m.
  • Where: Room 1-614/1-615
  • How to Join: Must be an active member of the Marine Corps JROTC for the current school year
  • Social Media: Facebook - Heritage HS Marine Corps JROTC
  Marine Corps JROTC Rifle Team
  • Who to Contact: SgtMaj Dave Eldridge Room 1-614 or [email protected]  or GySgt Robert Neiss at [email protected]
  • What: The purpose of this program is to instill the fundamentals of sound marksmanship, safe handling of sporting equipment, and to instill confidence and a sense of accomplishment among the team members and cadets of the MCJROTC program. We compete in competitions at the regional and national level through the Civilian Marksmanship Program utilizing our own facilities, or by traveling to various sites around the Commonwealth and along the eastern United States.
  • When: Monday and Wednesday from 2:30-4:30 p.m.
  • Where: Room 1-616 MCJROTC Marksmanship Training Area
  • How to Join: Must be an active member of the Marine Corps JROTC for the current school year
  • Social Media: Facebook - Heritage HS Marine Corps JROTC
  Marine Corps JROTC Physical Fitness (PT)/Raider Team
  • Who to Contact: SgtMaj Dave Eldridge Room 1-614 or [email protected] or GySgt Robert Neiss at [email protected]
  • What: The Raider Team is the most physically demanding extracurricular activity in JROTC. A well rounded raider team must be in top notch shape as many of the activities include push ups, sit ups, and / or running. A raider team consists of minimum 8 and maximum of 9 members on a team for competition purposes, this is not gender dictated. We compete in events at the local level, occasionally entering in available events such as Spartan Races and Mud Runs.
  • When: Tuesday and Thursday from 2:30-4:00 p.m. beginning in January
  • Where: Room 1-615 
  • How to Join: Must be an active member of the Marine Corps JROTC for the current school year
  • Social Media: Facebook - Heritage HS Marine Corps JROTC
  • Who to Contact: Mr. Stalcup in room 1-807 (Orchestra Room) or [email protected]
  • What: Content includes advanced positions, bowings, and interpretations using standard orchestra and string ensemble music. It is intended for students who have reached a high degree of performance proficiency.
  • When: Year long course
  • Where: Room 1-807
  • How to Join: See Mr. Stalcup, enroll in orchestra on your course schedule
  Overcoming Adversity with Diversity
  • Who to Contact: TBD
  • What: The mission of this club is to eliminate stereotypes associated with ethnicities, religions, cultures, sexual orientation, and gender.
  • When: TBD
  • Where: TBD
  Spanish Club
  • Who to Contact: Ms. Nogueras in room 1-105 or [email protected] 
  • What: The Spanish club is a fun way for all students to learn about the Hispanic culture while participating in various activities. Throughout the year, we will play games, watch movies, experience Latin cuisine, and organize events, among other activities. Topics such as food, tourism, movies, important people, the arts, and sports will be the focus of our meetings. The club is open to all students, and members do not have to speak Spanish to participate.
  • When: TBA - Be sure to check Google Classroom
  • Where: Room 1-105
  • How to Join: Join our Google Classroom
  Student Leadership
  • Who to Contact: Ms. Gafford in room 1-209 or [email protected]
  • What: A student led organization that plans events and spirit activities for the student body
  • When: Year long course
  • Where: Room 1-209
  • How to Join: See Ms. Gafford to submit an application and sign up for the class.
  • Social Media: Twitter - @HHS_SCA
  Technology Student Association
  • Who to Contact: Mr. Hart in room 1-811/Auditorium or [email protected] or Ms. Wisskirchen at [email protected] 
  • What: We do plays
  • When: Daily after school and in classes
  • Where: Auditorium/Black Box/Courtyard (depends on the show)
  • How to Join: See Mr. Hart
  • Social Media: Facebook - Pioneer Theater
  • More Information: See the Pioneer Theatre page for show dates
  • Who to Contact: Ms. Preston [email protected] or the School Resource Officer
  • What: Youth of Virginia Speak Out… about traffic safety. We are a traffic safety group for teens. YOVASO Clubs are in middle and high schools all over the state. We do various activities to educate students about the dangers of unsafe driving practices.
  • When/Where: TBA - be sure to listen carefully for morning announcements about YOVASO Meetings
  • How to Join: See Ms. Preston or the School Resource Officer