The Heritage High School Counseling Department has a wealth of information for parents and students. You can research information regarding:

  • financial aid
  • scholarships
  • college majors
  • individual college information (catalogs & videos)
  • testing information and preparation
  • college survival skills
  • career tech classes
  • self-assessments of skills and interests
  • how to write your college essay

The following resources may be of particular interest to you and are available in the Counseling office:

  • Occupation Outlook Handbook
  • Guide to Careers in America
  • The Scholarship Handbook (College Board Publication)
  • The College Handbook (College Board Publication)
  • College Costs and Financial Aid Handbook (College Board Publication)
  • The Black Student’s Guide to College
  • Sterns Performing Arts Directory
  • The Best College for You – Princeton Review
  • Need a Life? – College Financial Aid Handbook
  • Helping Your Child Choose a Career
  • Quick Guide to College Majors and Careers
  • Barron’s Top 50 Colleges
  • K & W Guide to Colleges for the Learning Disabled
  • SAT Registration Packets
  • ACT Registration Packets
  • Ferguson’s Guide to Apprenticeship Programs

Come in and request help with your topic of choice. You can check out books, catalogs, and videos or research the information during your visit. You can use online resources to continue your quest for information. As always, counselors are available to assist you with your search, also.