Request Transcripts Prior to Graduation

Students who are planning to attend college will need to complete a transcript release form. All students who enroll in a dual enrollment class at CVCC will need to complete a second transcript release form through CVCC. Visit this link for more information on requesting a CVCC transcript,

Transcript requests will be processed electronically through Parchment. Students will need to create a profile in order to submit a transcript request. Current seniors will receive their registration codes through their LCS email; registration codes are needed in order to create your profiles. If you don't receive the email, please contact the School Counseling Office for a printed copy.  

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Transcript release forms should be turned in two weeks before you would like transcripts sent. No transcript will be mailed on the day you bring your release form to the School Counseling Office. Transcript release forms must be filled in completely; incomplete forms will be returned to the student.

If your application deadline is January 1-15, your request for transcripts must be in School Counseling Office by 2:30 p.m. on December 4 to be mailed by the deadline.

Secondary school reports must be given to the counselor along with the transcript release form.

Click here to download the Transcript Release Form

Senior Final Transcripts

LCS senior final transcripts will be sent to all institutions after July 1st.

Request Transcripts After Graduation

After graduation students may need a transcript for college applications, scholarship applications, special programs, or jobs. These are available through the Counseling Office or the school administration building by requesting that transcripts be released to specific locations. The request requires a signature by the parent/guardian or by the individual student if they are 18 years or older. It is also especially helpful to know if there is an application deadline so the transcript will arrive in a timely manner.

To Request a Transcript After Graduation:
For one year following graduation, records are kept at the school. For all other graduating years, records are kept at the school administration building. 

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