Published on Thu., October 23, 2008

Teachers are always thinking of new ways to present lessons to their students. Unfortunately sometimes the money just isn’t there for resources and supplies. Thanks to a record fundraising year, the Lynchburg City Schools Education Foundation is able to help dozens of teachers fund their projects this year. The Foundation is giving out a record $42,000 in grants to Lynchburg City Schools teachers. The foundation received donations from 28 local businesses that recognize the importance of an opportunity to help teachers. Attached you will find the list of projects along with the importance of each one. From a vegetable garden at E. C. Glass to buying iPods for the music teachers, you’ll find each grant awarded has an interesting story. 

The Education Foundation is a nonprofit 501 c(3) organization committed to the development of educational innovation and to securing financial support for identified student, faculty and school needs. In its 17 years the foundation has raised roughly $200,000. For more information on this years grant winners click here.

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