Published on Wed., September 8, 2021

Dear LCS community, 

We have some highlights to share with you from our Tuesday, September 7, 2021 meeting of the Lynchburg City School Board.

Several members of the community attended the meeting to express their concerns about SOL test scores, volunteer opportunities, and current LCS policies. George Joyner and Julie Farley were present from Park View Community Mission. They commended Superintendent Dr. Edwards, and Directors Beth Morris and Ethel Reeves for their commitment to feeding children.

Dr. Crystal Edwards announced the hiring of Hope Custer as the new Director of Transportation. Dr. Edwards also discussed the mitigation that has taken place with transportation technology.

Deputy Superintendent Amy Pugh shared information about the Virtual Academy. The Virtual Academy is currently full and there are 191 students on the waiting list. Virtual Academy students may return to in person learning at their base school during the school year creating opportunities for waitlisted students to attend.

Director John Collins provided an update on the wireless access services plan for students. With the usage of Cares Funding, LCS has an opportunity to build and expand on existing wireless access services for students.

Director Dr. Allison Jordan presented data on the 2021 SOL scores. There were about 4,000 fewer SOL tests given in 2021 than the previous year. Schools will use Spring 2021 SOL data, summer data (if applicable), IXL diagnostic (and other division/classroom baseline assessment data), and fall growth assessment data to address skill deficiencies in grade level cohorts, whole group, small group, and individual student instruction.

Director Ethel Reeves stated there will be information sent to the public to gain more interest in advisory committees. Community engagement is an important part of our LCS success.

Masked woman holding certificate in front on School Board

Jamey Cross, a reporter for The News and Advance, was added to the Virginia School Boards Association Media Honor Roll. School division leaders rely on responsible reporting by local media representatives so that our community members receive timely information about division initiatives and programs. Considering the impact that media coverage can have on community attitudes and beliefs, the Media Honor Roll was created to recognize fair and balanced reporting about our schools and Virginia's public education system.

See more about the discussions, actions, and information by viewing the 9-07-2021 School Board Meeting on the LCS YouTube channel, and view the updated documents on the 9-07-2021 Agenda

The September School Board Work Session scheduled for Tuesday, September 21st has been cancelled. The next School Board Meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, October 5th at 5:00 p.m. in the Board Room of the School Administration Building.

Thank you for supporting our LCS mission: Every Child, By Name and By Need, to Graduation!

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