In our continued efforts to identify students early we have the following screening process:

If you suspect that your child has a disability please follow the following instructions:

  1. Gather the information needed that includes:
  • Child’s name,
  • Parent’s name
  • Address
  • Phone Number
  • Child’s date of birth and age
  • Child’s gender and race
  • Concerns for your child's development
  1. Call 515-5180 to schedule a screening to determine if your child needs special education testing.
  2. Attend the screening with your child.
  3. Meet with the screening teacher and the administrator to review the results of the screening and decide if future testing is needed.
  4. If needed sign the necessary papers.
  5. If your child needs further testing, attend all scheduled appointments.
  6. Participate in the Eligibility Meeting as a team member
  7. Participate in the IEP Meeting as a team member