We currently meet the needs of our students in their natural environment whenever that is possible. When the student requires additional support the IEP committee may opt to place the student in one of our inclusion sites. These sites have participated in trainings with Lynchburg City Schools and have agreed to support students with disabilities in their program. The following sites participate in our inclusion program:

  • 1st Presbyterian Weekly Day School
  • Elizabeth’s Early Learning Center
  • Heritage United Methodist Church
  • Little Wings Preschool  (Presbyterian Home and Family Services)
  • Head Start, Old Forest Road
  • Head Start White Rock
  • Rivermont Avenue Baptist Church Early Learning Center

In addition we have wonderful working relationships and include students in:

  • Caterpillar Clubhouse
  • Liberty Christian Academy Early Learning Center
  • Peakland United Methodist Church Preschool
  • St. Johns Day School

We have playgroups that meet once a week for students not attending other programs and we also serve students in their homes when appropriate. Some of our students receive speech therapy at the Carl B. Hutcherson School.

Students who require more support may be enrolled in one of our self-contained classes where their needs can be met.